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January 17, 2012

Ex-Army Physicians Develop Wound Treatment Device

by iihlab

Medgadet reports on a tourniquet designed by Dr. Richard Schwartz and Dr. John Croushorn, two emergency physicians from Georgia Health Sciences University and Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham. The tourniquet is used to slow lethal abdominal bleeding in soldiers, a difficult task for field medics given the large number of blood vessels in the stomach. Given Scwartz and Croushorn’s extensive wartime credentials, they are the perfect pair of physicians to design such a technology. So far the device has undergone testing in animals and humans to demonstrate proof of concept. The inventors have also received premarket clearance for the abdominal aortic tourniquet from the FDA and some early orders from the military. We’re excited to see progress on a much needed technology that could save countless lives. Read the full press release from Georgia Health Science University here.


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