IBM Develops a Lab-on-a-Chip: Look familiar?

by moranshann

Earlier this week, Medgadget reported on a project out of IBM Research in Zurich and the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland. Researchers “developed a microfluidic device that uses capillary action to detect the presence of protein biomarkers for various disease types. The five square centimeter silicon-based lab-on-a-chip takes only fifteen seconds to perform its analysis.”

Jose has talked a little bit about IIH’s microfluidics in a previous blog post; we’ll post pictures soon of how the project has progressed since that last post. The great thing about our design is that we can customize a lab-on-a-chip to whichever specifications we need, and make just one at a time if need be. It’s always interesting to read about what’s going on on the cutting edge of modern medicine, and to see how we can adjust that technology to make it cheaper and just as effective.

IBM’s silicon-based lab-on-a-chip

You can read the full article here.

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