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December 15, 2008

‘The Man’ of life-saving devices: Dr. Kris Olson on the Boston Globe

by iihlab

On the heels of being featured in the New York Times, Dr. Kris Olson was lauded in the Boston Globe as ‘The Man’ of life-saving devices for his work in pediatric medical devices. Dr. Olson leads the CIMIT’s Global Health Initiative as well as a pediatrician at MGH. Under his leadership Dr. Olson oversees a portfolio of technologies including a very successful roll out of a $7 neonatal resuscitation device and an innovative project to make a neonatal incubator our of car parts.

The Boston Globe:

This spirit is embodied in his latest project: the car-parts incubator. The idea, born at Boston University, holds that while it’s great to donate a $30,000 incubator to a hospital in a developing world, the fact is that it’s going to break down, and they won’t know how to fix it. So Olson and his team built an incubator in a way that it could be fixed almost anywhere in the world.

More at Boston Globe


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